What We Do Best

Don’t just go to a lawyer that practices in drone law; go to The Drone Lawyer. See how we can help.


Whether for fun or business, starting out or a seasoned pilot; we can give you the advice so you can fly within the law and with peace of mind.


Whether charged with an offence, or if you want legal backup for a tender or negotiation; we are the lawyers in your corner of the sky.


We keep our finger on the pulse and write to the regulators so as to keep the sky fair for drone pilots.


Advice on starting up

We can advise you so that your first flight - whether for business or pleasure - is a legal one.

Ongoing advice

As the lawyers in your corner of the sky, we can advise so as to give you peace of mind that each flight is compliant with the law.

In trouble?

If you do fly outside the law and get caught or penalised, we can represent you.

Amazingly responsive

We can be at your side any time of the day or night.

Commercial advice

If you are starting a business or are already set up, we can advise not only on drone law but also in respect of the wider legal context.

Policy & Publication

We keep our finger on the pulse on international developments in drone law. We are in the process of joining a number of panels so as to promote best practice and a free sky for all.

We can help you with...

Advice 100%
Representation 100%
Publication 100%
Policy 100%

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