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The Drone Pilot’s Legal Handbook is our pilot-focused, plain language, practical guide to understanding many of the legal considerations in running a drone business. At 63-pages, it’s comprehensive without being cumbersome.

Developed specifically for the drone industry, it’s full of  ‘Practical Tips‘ that you can start applying immediately to your business. Topics covered are:

1. Business structures

2. Contracts

3. Employment issues

4. Intellectual property

5. Privacy, data and trespass

6. Noise

7. Trouble in the sky

8. Complex drone operation

9. Drone registration and pilot accreditation

10. Drone incident reporting

With copies sold in every State and Territory in Australia, as well as the USA, South Africa and Papua New Guinea, this is not just a local handy guide, it’s a global resource.

You can purchase a copy HERE.

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